Japanese Culture Experience

Japanese Culture Experience




Tea Ceremony

茶 道

Part.1 AM10:00〜12:00
Psrt.2 PM 2:00〜4:00 
 3,500 yen  (60 min)  Photo service & Pick up
Tea ceremony is to become our mind rich in our life. In this class, we have a relax time by Urasenke, Konnichian. Host and you have a good communication
each other. There is a proverb, " i chi go i chi e “. Its meaning is " Treasure every meeting, for it will never recur." We can not tell just words. Let's try to make a cup of green tea by all means at this opportunity.We are looking forward to seeing you.
Thank you so much.
: : : Time Schedule : : :
20min Training
20min Making a Green Tea for your gest
20min Having a Green Tea 

Kimono Dressing

着 付 

Part.1 AM10:00〜12:00
Part.2 PM   2:00〜 4:00 

6,500 yen  (70 min) Photo service & Pick up
※ Children under twelve are half price.
Let's put on your favorite Japanese Kimono !
A Japanese Kimono present rich mind to you.You can stretch out the back and tighten the heart. And then, it is warm when you wear a kimono. Both the kimono and the obi have traditional handmade beauty. Let's wear a kimono by all means at this opportunity. We are looking forward to seeing you. Thank you so much.
: : : Time Schedule : : :
10min Chosing your kimono
30min Kimono Dressing
30min Taking Photos (Inside & Outside)


書 道 


Part.1  AM10:00〜12:00
Part.2  PM  2:00 〜 4:00 
4,000 yen  (90 min)  Photo service & Pick up
Let's enjoy writing your favorite word by brush! 
The first half 
Let's draw or write anything you want with a shod brush ! Draw pictures,Shapes, write letters,and whatever you like. You can hold the brush any manner for the warm-up. 
Tea time 
Let's have a tea time, talking about your dream for this year ! 
The second half 
Shodo or Japanese calligraphy bruises are softer than regular painting brushes. Consequently,at first, you may find the brush is hard to control, but once you get used to them, you will be able to draw whatever lines you like, from the thinnest to the thickest. Let's hold a pencil and write a letter by all means at this opportunity. We are looking forward to seeing you. Thank you so much. 
: : : Time Schedule : : : 
40min Training 
10min Tea Time 
40min Making your work

Japanese Cooking

和食 料理 
Washoku Ryouri

Part.1 AM 10:00 〜13:00 (Including a lunch)
Part.2 PM   2:00 〜  4:00 
5,000 yen  (180 min)  Photo service & Pick up
Basic Japanese cooking is very interesting. In this class, please tell us your request. If you don’t have your request, we have some menu, Let’s challenge to make with us.We are looking forward to seeing you. Thank you so much.
Healthy recipe : Vegetable Sushi & Tofu menu 
Winter recipe : Nabe-ryori dishes (Japanese style pan : based dishes)
Oden (Japanese dishes containing all kinds of ingredients cooked in a special broth of soy sauce, sugar, sake, etc.), Mizutaki (chicken meat and vegetables stewed in a nabe on a dinning table) , Shabushabu (sliced beef slightly boiled slightly in a nabe on a dinning table), Sukiyaki (thin slices of beef, cooked with various vegetables in a nabe on a dinning table)Nabeyaki-udon (noodles served hot in a nabe)
Motsu-nabe (entails of animals cooked in a nabe on a dinning table) , Kimuchi nabe(Korean-style nabe)
: : : Time Schedule : : :
120min Cooking
60min Having a lunch




Recomend Course

AM 10:00〜12:00 / PM 14:00 〜16:00
A Course : Calligraphy & Tea Ceremony= 8,000yen (120min)
B Course : Kimono Dressing & Tea Ceremony= 10,000yen (120min)
C Course : Calligraphy & Tea Ceremony & Kimono Dressing= 15,000yen (150min)

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